CoT Elections (2023) – Join the Team

CoT Elections (2023) – Join the Team

The Commission on Tephrochronology is having their general election this month!

COT is soliciting nominations for positions until around January 20th. Please send nominations and a short biography to Britta (, Peter Abbott (, and Paul Albert ( Self-nominations are encouraged, nominating someone without their knowledge is not!

Once nominations have been gathered, biographies will be posted online and a poll for voting will be opened around January 29th. Polls will close midday (New Zealand time) on February 2, and the new executive will be announced during our Commission meeting that will occur that same day at 6 pm (New Zealand time).

Following is an outline of the COT Executive members, their general duties, and the current individuals occupying those roles. Britta Jensen (Chair) and Paul Albert (Officer of Membership) will be running for re-election for Chair and Officer of Communications, respectively. However, all positions (including these) are open for (additional) nominations and will be voted on except Immediate Past President and Quadrennial Meeting Chair.

  1. Chair (commission leader): co-ordinate executive, chair meetings, communications with IAVCEI (e.g., annual and quadrennial reports), ensure we are fulfilling our mandate, communicate with appropriate Liaison committee. Maintain and build relationships with other commissions of similar interest and outside organizations (e.g., INQUA, VICS, etc.) (currently Britta Jensen)
  2. Officer of Communications (Executive member): maintains the website (as required in IAVCEI guidelines), ensure yearly e-newsletter is sent to membership (as required in IAVCEI guidelines), maintain Facebook and Twitter accounts, helps advertising for meetings and sessions etc., also acts as secretary during meetings. (currently Peter Abbott)
  3. Officer of Membership (Executive member): maintains the membership list, will need to coordinate the membership between JISCmail and official IAVCEI membership, also, with the help of the rest of the committee, recruit members. This executive will also be in charge of maintaining EDI goals of the commission. (currently Paul Albert)
  4. Officer of Meetings (Executive member): Solicits people to make sure we have our required meeting every 4 years, encourage workshops, make sure we have sessions at key meetings, and will be on any organizing committee for our quadrennial meeting. (currently unoccupied)
  5. Early Career Researcher Representative (Executive): Ensures representation of early career researchers in the decision-making and meeting planning of the commission. Would also assist in communications, grant applications and membership. (currently Jenni Hopkins).
  6. Immediate Past President (Advisor): Ensures continuity between new executive, assists transfer of documents and requirements for membership in IAVCEI, regularly attends executive meetings in an advisory role. This position will only be filled if the past president does not move into another leadership role in the commission after their presidency. (currently Takehiko Suzuki). NOT UP FOR ELECTION
  7. Quadrennial meeting chair: In charge of the COT meeting held every 4 years, will form a committee to assist with planning of the meeting and regularly liaise with the main executive who will also assist where possible (currently Simon Blockley, Sicily 2024). Not elected on a regular cycle, recruited as necessary. NOT UP FOR ELECTION

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