CoT Dinner, IAVCEI 2023 (Rotorua, NZ)

CoT Dinner, IAVCEI 2023 (Rotorua, NZ)

Are you attending the IAVCEI 2023 Scientific Assembly?

A Commission on Tephrochronology (CoT) dinner is being arranged for Thursday February 2nd at 19:30 pm at Wild Rice Thai, “Eat Streat” (1114 Tutanekai Street), Rotorua:

The restaurant is an easy ~15 minute walk from the Rotorua Energy Events Centre, and the dinner will follow the COT Business meeting which starts at 17:45/18:00 pm in Room 8 (Downer).

To RSVP for the dinner, simply enter your email and name below (First, Last) within the Google Form found at the following link:

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